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Welcome to MAMI

The mission “MAMI Organic Food” is fundamentally to reeducate the most basic but stressful of our needs, to eat healthy.
Today’s diet and lifestyle are completely disjointed with our genes and biology. This incompatibility between the speed with which the environment changes and our genome adapts, is at the genesis of chronic diseases.
Some interests and powers have led to a paradigm that underlies the greatest crime of public health.

The contemporary diet is a prescription for obesity, metabolic problems and chronic diseases.

Today there is a gigantic burden of chronic diseases in health budgets. It is estimated that, at this rate, the world budget for chronic diseases may reach 40 trillion Euros in a scandalous year.

In the US, one in two people suffer from chronic illness. And one in four have multiple chronic diseases. These diseases account for 7 deaths in ten.

All evidence points to the fact that the chronic disease epidemic tends to worsen before it improves. For example, one-third of Americans are pre-diabetic or diabetic. But the saddest is the rate of growth of type 2 diabetes among children and adolescents.

Autoimmune diseases already affect one in six people, and it is known today that the major risk factor for these diseases lies in intestinal permeability. In compromising a part of our immune system at the level of the intestinal flora. And at the genesis of this disaster are chemicals, heavy metals, processed foods and refined sugars.

About 85% of the risk of chronic disease is not about genetics, but about environment and lifestyle. Our genes play a key role in predisposing diseases that we may develop, but the choices we make regarding our diet, physical activity, sleep, stress management and other lifestyle factors and behaviors are much more determinants for the quality of our health.

Parallel to the installed interests, two other industries flourished that have aggravated the health of the populations. We are talking about the fast food industry and the chemical industry of genetically modified products, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides etc. Chemicals and toxins in food, water and air have become a given and their impact on our health is highly harmful, reducing the bioavailability of food, leading to nutrient deficiency and complicated hormonal dysfunctions.

Currently some voices and associations fight this installed power and gradually some achievements in the area of “organic food” are achieved.

But the options and alternatives in favor of organic food are very limited and residual. Areas confined to organic farming are very small. Exports and imports of these organic products are irrelevant in trade balances. However the Organic industry is beginning to take decisive steps in areas as important as awareness and alert to the metabolic hazards associated with chemical intake and its impact on hormonal dysfunction. Yes today we know that obesity is a hormonal deregulation.

Our legacy, the legacy MAMI is fundamentally not to let children a year already have ingested chemicals they should only ingest in one lifetime. It is to contradict the statistics of children who have already become obese, pre-diabetic and even diabetic, of course everything on our scale.

Our message needs to be strong and cross-cutting in health and healthy eating. Contrary to what happened in previous centuries, the greatest epidemic of this century is the metabolic and everything is related to what we eat.

In order to fulfill our mission, we base our ideas on a concept of integrated biological restoration, which is characterized by the following:

Let everything be organic, from cleaning materials, to all goods, products, raw materials, as well as flours and ingredients for all dishes made.

We intend to implement this concept in 4 vectors namely:

Organic Hamburger with various meat, fish and vegetarian menus.
Cafeteria and Bakery with Multipurpose Service that includes breakfast, snacks and all-day dining.
Wellcome Drink, 100% Organic Lounge Bar
Garrafeira with the largest number of references of national organic wine and 10 foreigners.
We aim to provide a varied offer in a space and care environment, from aromatherapy, ambient music, organic food, and always with the central essence of fair trade and reduced ecological footprint.

Our message is based on the idea that we must pay Organic agriculture today, instead of paying the pharmaceutical industry tomorrow. Our principle emphasizes “eat your medicines”.

We want to bring together the best of both worlds. Provide a trip through the gastronomic regions of our country and surrounding geography, immediately present in the names of each hamburger, providing a food offering without harmful side effects.